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PHYT’S Active Organic Skincare

DISCOVERY FACIAL (45 mins) ……………… €50
A pick me up treatment to revive your skin to its former glow. A cleanse, tone, exfoliation followed by a massage and mask adapted to your skin type is performed to refresh your skin.

SIGNATURE FACIAL (1h 15mins) …………… €75
A PHYT’S signature treatment combining exfoliation to erase inpurities; a cream mask with pressure points to relieve all tensions; an Active Revitalising Massage to tone, oxygenate and stimulate circulation; relaxing and nourishing massage, finished with a Peel Off Mask to firm and tone the skin: all targeted to slow the ageing process. A glorious treatment to receive all year round to keep your skin looking fabulous.

MULTIVITA BOOSTING (1h 30mins) ……….€85
An event or wedding coming? Or simply your skin needs a boost to shift tiredness and dullness? Here is the best PHYT’S skin treatment offering a cocktail of Vitamins A, B2, B5, C plus Zinc and Ceveble (Wheatgerm Complex) in association with a very specific anti-aging massage technique. Achieve perfect skin and improve elasticity and fine lines within the first treatment.

For problematic skin with acne congestion of blackheads. Softens sebum build up with a Potassium & Copper specific serum allowing easy extraction of blockages. Normalise the sebum with the added benefit of its antibacterial and healing action.

RADIANCE SKINCARE (1h) ……………………€65
Tailored for your own skin type, this skin treatment uses a variety of minerals, hydrating and nourishing oils with plant extract to answers any problems that your skin may encounter: such as sensitivity, dryness or dehydration. A combination of cleansing, exfoliation, serum and customised massage adapted to your needs.

AQUA HYDRATION (1h 15 mins) …………….€75
Targets any skin affected by dehydration. Hyaluronic Acid is a powerful humectant which acts like a sponge to attract & hold moisture in the skin while plumping & reducing fine lines. The skin is relieved with an enhanced effect from homecare regime as the hydrolipidic film is restored.

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Always cleanse, tone & moisturise your face
Always apply sunscreen products during the day, recommend an SPF 30 at least
Always remove traces of makeup at end of the day
Increase water intake
Avoid wearing heavy makeup for 6 hours after facial
Avoid undertake any other facial treatment within 48 hours of facial
Avoid sunbathing, direct heat (intense sunlight or sunbeds) & indirect heat (sauna, hot bath, hot shower) for 24-48 hours after facial
Do not exfoliate your skin for 72 hours after facial
Exfoliate your skin 2-3 times per week


PHYT’S active organic is a 100% natural skincare range for face and body. Products are all made in France at their laboratories in the Le Lot region of France, in Caillac. The entire range of PHYT’S (over 300 products!) is certified to be natural skincare and using organic agriculture whenever possible. The BIO stamp of Cosmebio is certified by an official French certification organisation, Ecocert, which guarantees a natural cosmetic containing ingredients resulting from organic agriculture and complying with strict rules aimed at protecting the consumer and the environment.



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